I may have mentioned this before, but I had never enjoyed cooking prior to having kids. Since then I have found healthy alternatives to foods that we love and of course keeping the cooking component relatively simple. These would have to be at the top of the list of favourite snacks in our home for […]

6 Week Mindful Mindset Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to help train your brain, re-wire the neural pathways that will allow you to develop a mindful mindset. For me, a mindful mindset means letting go of the need to be perfect, letting go of judgement and truely witnessing the emotions we are feeling within us. When we are […]

Not another self-loving hippie preaching about mindfulness…

I should start by saying mindfulness is not a relaxation exercise despite what you make think. For me, it was a way of making over my mindset, helping me stay in control of my emotions, letting go of the need to achieve perfection, coping with anxiety, managing difficult situations and allowing myself to enjoy the […]

Returning to Work after Maternity leave

Part II: Mama’s Back What is it about going back to work that is so anxiety provoking for so many of us? I was lucky enough to be able to take an extended period of leave, as I just didn’t feel ready to return to work when I had originally planned too. My anxiety kicked […]

Planning for your Maternity Leave: Part I

Surely having a baby in this day and age does not equate to career suicide… Or does it? I recently came across a study which showed that having children can set a woman’s career back up to six years! When I was pregnant with my first baby and planning for my leave, I was so […]

Naturally Sweetened Oat Bars

This is my go to morning tea snack for Alessia, or a great option for a ‘breakfast on the run’. Some days she wakes up wanting breakfast immediately and does not have the patience to wait for me to make anything so these Oat Bars are a huge hit in our household! I actually enjoy […]

In Our Bookshelf

“More, more…moreeeee’ these are the words heard one too many times before attempting to put our last book down. Ever since Alessia was a little baby, probably towards the end of the newborn phase when I could see straight again, we have loved reading books together. Whilst she was too young to understand what the […]

Here we go!

I’m Irina, it’s nice to meet you! I’m a recently turned 30 year old mother of two. I still pinch myself to think I survived motherhood with two kids under two years of age at one point and am still standing to tell the story. I love to laugh, but also try to keep things […]