Not another self-loving hippie preaching about mindfulness…

I should start by saying mindfulness is not a relaxation exercise despite what you make think.

For me, it was a way of making over my mindset, helping me stay in control of my emotions, letting go of the need to achieve perfection, coping with anxiety, managing difficult situations and allowing myself to enjoy the present moment.

I was never one for meditating in fact I’ve never been to a meditation class because the thought of sitting there and trying to stop my mind running was impossible and I knew I’d never be able to switch off. I would be that person who keeps opening their eyes to see what everyone else was doing.  It wasn’t until I actually decided to practice what I preach in my work-life and downloaded a mindful meditation app and made a conscious decision to try it out for a week and see how I felt.

After a brief period of consistency, spending 3 minutes every day (usually in the evenings after I put my baby girl to sleep) trialling the mindful meditation apps I started enjoying it. I realised It was okay for my mind to run off into a different thought.. And instead of judging myself for it and being annoyed for not being able to “switch of” I started acknowledging that yes my mind wanders, and yes, I have various thoughts running through my head, but I’ll leave that thought where it is and focus back on my breathing for example..

If meditation is not for you (like it wasn’t for me) you can easy incorporate mindful practices into everyday activities. I was able to teach myself how to be present and better deal with challenging situations just by incorporating super simple techniques everyday.

I started doing this in an attempt to be a more present mum, take in and enjoy the small moments with my baby girl.. Because the days may feel long with kids at times, but the years are so short! I don’t want to feel like I missed any moments because I was too caught up in my own anxious mind, or worrying about my endless to do list.. your children wont be looking back and thinking how tidy your cupboards were growing up, they’ll be reminiscing on moments with you.

How mindfulness helps me:

  • Bring presence into everyday experiences
  • Not judging whatever is happening as being either “good” or “bad” & not judging myself
  • Allowing me to deal with unpleasant situations better (manage my anxiety)
  • Processing my emotions and focusing on thoughts that feel good

We are officially half way through 2019, and why wait any longer to start a new mindset journey. There really is no better time than the present when it comes to your mental health.

Join me on my Six Week Mindful Mindset Challenge.

Each week we will be using really simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into our daily routine. Theres a new approach to it every week so that you can try different things and see which works best for you. This can honestly be a game changer in managing anxiety, stress and learning to control the way you respond to different environments and situations.

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