Since I’m no master chef, I might explain why I’m sharing some of our favourite recipes.

Truth be told, I had never been much of a cook prior to having kids, just ask my super human husband who took on most of the chef duties when it was just the two of us. My relationship with food wasn’t always “healthy” especially in my teenage years, and probably not until I met my husband. During my first pregnancy when I had to take on more cooking responsibilities I started exploring healthy alternatives to foods that we love.
For me, as someone who didn’t love being in the kitchen for long periods of time, a huge factor to choosing recipes was keeping the prepping and cooking component relatively short and simple. This is something I still look for, and take into account when sharing any dishes that we find or create ourselves.

Ever since my first baby started on solids, I was always on the lookout for really quick, simple and easy to make recipes for her as I have never been one to enjoy standing around cooking for hours in the kitchen. After many cookbooks, and online recipe searches, I managed to make my own versions of various recipes based on fresh ingredients I had at the time, or random things I had lying around in our pantry to make my life easier; because we all need a bit of simplicity in our day!

Another important point for me was never to “hide” veggies from my kids. I want to expose them to colourful eating from the very beginning and ensure they have a better relationship with food than I did growing up, so it’s important for me not create a stressful mealtime environment for them. One way we do this now, is involve her in cooking as much as possible which seems be successful in getting her eating and trying everything we make.

I hope that by sharing our favourite, uncomplicated recipes, you can also get some enjoyment in cooking and mealtimes.


I may have mentioned this before, but I had never enjoyed cooking prior to having kids. Since then I have found healthy alternatives to foods that we love and of course keeping the cooking component relatively simple. These would have to be at the top of the list of favourite snacks in our home for […]

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